Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Story Depicting Doctor Patient Collaboration

A few days back @enricgili and I were discussing how we could visualize a story that uses a healthcare scenario where a mother collaborates with her son's pediatrician using multiple personal devices. Here is the story. Let me know what you think.

No matter how complex your product or story, you can always convey it using the technique described below. Start with a description of the main characters. Explain the big picture with a trailer image. Then pick a scenario that conveys the main value the product brings to the table and use that scenario to explain the main value your product provides to users. Once you identify these things and validate this hypothesis with your users and customers, the rest becomes easy.

Doctor's Place
Let us say you are building a product called Doctor's Place. It is a collaboration tool that helps patients and doctors keep in touch with each other. How do you go about visualizing what the tool might do.

The Characters

The Trailer

The main scenario that conveys the essence of your product.

A storyboard is more than just pictures and text. You can convey a lot more that the basic process when you use a storyboard like the one above. For example, the above story conveys the fact that the application is accessed on the web, on a smartphone and on an iPad even without explicitly showing any screens. It also  suggests that voice recognition and video recording technologies are being used by the patient and doctor. The pictures convey the postures and situations in which the app is accessed. The working mom has only one of her hands available for use most of the time. The doctors is away from his office most of the time, walking from place to place, and uses an iPad to check updates.

Presenting your story

Chances are you will end up presenting your story in different kinds of sessions. Some may be an hour long. Some may be just ten minutes. If you have less than ten minutes, just show the trailer and convey the hypothesis. If you have about 45 minutes, then go into the scenario and explain the main concepts.

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