Sunday, January 29, 2012

Understanding The Basic Structure Of An iPhone Application

A few weeks back I wrote about how iPad users expect to get things done in three steps and how the basic structure of most iPad applications cater to that. With the iPhone most users expect to consume content in two steps and expect to act on the content with two more steps. Let me take the example of a simple iPhone app, Dropbox, to explain this.

When you launch Dropbox, you see the first and second layers of information.

A person will be able to open Dropbox with one tap and open any content in Dropbox with the second tap. So a person who uses Dropbox on the iPhone derives significant value within two steps. Once the content is open, a person will be able to derive additional value, say store the document into iBooks for example, with two more taps.

Launching the content with one tap

Acting on the content with two taps
Understanding this basic information organization and the expectation it has set for users will help product managers breakdown their products into simple parts.

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