Tuesday, January 31, 2012

JAM from SuccessFactors

I have started using the informal learning and work collaboration tool JAM from SuccessFactors. I am using it to create work groups and share content with my colleagues. I am getting used to some of the features and I like them. The interesting part is that there is micro content creation and sharing. Anyone can create audio, video or screen grabs from the desktop or a mobile device and share it with others. Such crowd sourced content can be searched from the learning management system. So if you are searching for a topic in the formal learning catalog, user created content will also show up in the results. You will know who created the content and understand the credibility of the content.

When I was designing Career OnDemand many customers asked for private and public groups. JAM has private and public groups. Groups can even cut across organizations.

JAM is pretty good and very promising. It is possible to take this in some very interesting directions.



  1. I met Karie Willyerd in a conference an year and half back when the product/company was called jambok. Looks like the product has evolved over time after SuccessFactors acquisition. Another product that i liked is called Participate from Outstart. It has some really good business processes.

  2. Sharad, SuccessFactors has combined CubeTree and Jambok into a single product. It is very good. You can sign up and use it for free at www.cubetree.com I wonder what you like about Participate.

  3. Great Info Prashanth


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