Friday, January 27, 2012

The Next Generation Of Organizational Chart May Not Be A Chart

The next generation of organizational charts are not going to be charts at all. They are going to be people exploration tools. Organizational charts were useful when everyone worked within the confines of the define organizational structure and rarely ventured outside of their teams to get worked done. Org charts were invented before telephones were invented.

In today's world where people work with colleagues who are geographically and organizationally distributed, the org chart just is not that useful any more. So the designers of future organizational charts need to think outside the chart.

A person's formal and informal network can provide far more valuable insight about a person for expert seekers, recruiters, managers requesting feedback, people looking for mentors, project staffing teams etc.

Why does the org chart not have information about my past managers, past colleagues, people who interviewed me when I was hired, people who referred me, people who mentored me, people whom I mentored, people who borrowed my work, people who's work I borrowed and so on.

1 comment:

  1. Its definitely right that today's org charts are not exactly important as they were in past. They have lost some part of its importance with time but there are still some organizations who are implementing it fully and take benefits of its existence.


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