Sunday, January 08, 2012

It Is Time For Meaning Driven Design In Enterprise Software

According to Prof. Roberto Verganti, the author of the book Design Driven Innovation, product innovation has so far been driven by technology changes or incremental market demand. This changed several years ago in the consumer electronics market, when companies such as Sony and Apple brought meaning driven innovation to the market. They did not ask customers what they wanted. Instead they proposed products and solutions that improved the life of customers.

It is time for meaning driven innovation in enterprise software. Technology and innovation is moving so fast and becoming so cheap that it is not enough if product managers and product designers simply write market requirements documents and convert them into products. Instead they need to build products and test the waters pretty much like consumer product developers. They need to make many little bets. The technology infrastructure, the distribution infrastructure and the consumption infrastructure are in the place for such a change.

Many such products, developed based on meaning driven innovation, will fail. But some will succeed to cover the investment in all the failed products. 


  1. Design and Build(coding) need to happen concurrently in small iterative steps and not be constrained by the "four walls" of the Enterprise. I would also argue that the Enterprise needs to view software as disposable, and break the "depreciation" mindset. Cloud based models need to continue to push how the Enterprise views software and software development

  2. CE_IT_Vision, Thanks you for your comments. I wonder what you mean by "four walls" of an enterprise.


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