Tuesday, December 27, 2011

HR Technology Predictions for 2012

I recently listened to the HR technology predictions by @jasonaverbook @InFullBloomUS and @rwang0 moderated by @billkutik. I respect the thoughts of all these experts. Their thoughts and insights have influence by work in the past and will influence my work in the future.

Based on my conversations with friends in the industry, I believe that 2012 will be the year when HR professionals will not be the focus of HR technology. People will be the focus. Focus on people does not always mean that HR software providers will be successful in their efforts to make tools that help people. But all the big players who matter are already betting on this approach. That is a good thing. Some hits and misses are to be expected.

Jason believes the following.

Ray Wang predicts that mobile will become the users first experience with enterprise software.

Jason added that 'Mobile First is going to be the only way'. Naomi added that some vendors are taking a lipstick on the pig approach for mobile. Instead software providers need to think mobile first.

Naomi's thoughts on master data clean up.

Cleaning HR master data is critical to realizing the value of new technologies. Ray Wang added that the most accurate master data now-a-days is LinkedIn. Ray also added that when employees are made responsible for their master data, the data will become more reliable. I think that there should be an incentive for employees to maintain their master data.

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