Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Collaboration at the core of document editing

I wrote my first book using the wiki PBWorks. For the book Look and Flow, which I am writing with @esdediego and @enricgili, Enric suggested that we use Google Docs. I decided to give it a try. It is very good for collaboratively editing a document.

We are using it to

  • Decide on the structure of the book
  • Get feedback from colleagues and friends
  • Have a dialog with those who gave feedback.

It feels like Google has figured out a way to put collaboration at the core of document editing. They have managed to provide the look and feel of a document while providing the user experience of editing a wiki. Remarkable work.

When a colleague or a reviewer comments on your document, you get an email update. You can reply to a comment via email and the message gets embedded in the doc in the right place.  This feature is beautiful especially when you view and reply to the comments from a mobile device away from the desk. I'll share more experiences in the coming days.

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