Monday, October 31, 2011

Managing Your Reputation Online Will Help You Succeed

Since we use our real names in most consumer and business applications today, it is possible for others to form an opinion about us based on what we say, what we do, and what we share. There are frameworks emerging to track this reputation based on observable and verifiable evidence. Whether you like it or not, people who work with you, who buy from you or hire you have access to this information. So it is important that you create and maintain a reputation.

Think of it as your credit score. Your banks know it and can determine your credit worthiness based on the score. So, you need to know what your score is, how to build it and how to improve it.  Similarly your employers and peers are verifying your information from multiple sources. You have a choice. You can actively create it, manage it and take advantage of it or leave it to chance. Saying that you are too busy for social media is naive and will hurt your success in the long run.

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