Monday, October 31, 2011

The History And Possible Future Of Performance Management

This info graphic from Mashable is so well done, I could not resist posting it here.

I would like to highlight the term reputation, mentioned in the last section of this info graphic. I suspect reputation building frameworks will become as important as formal credentialing frameworks. In other words, employers will care as much about what your reputation among peers is as the degree you have. This is happening today. But the frameworks for employees to build  a professional reputation within the walls of a company and for employers to verify that professional reputation is not robust yet.
 My colleagues who follow my blog and follow me on twitter know more about what I do at work and what I am capable of than my own team members. This is sad. 
We are trying to address this in SAP Career OnDemand. Career OnDemand is designed with the hypothesis that employees will take charge of their performance, their reputation and their career. We also believe that reputation built using verifiable contribution matters as much, if not more, as formal credentials. The next few years are going to be interesting.

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