Friday, September 02, 2011

When You Design A Great Product That Customers Love, You Create Jobs

As a product designer or product manager you can make a great contribution to the economy. When you create a compelling product that customers love, you create jobs for people. Your partners will hire people to implement or extend your product. Your sales team will hire more people to sell or support your product. Your service team will hire more people to service your product. Even your customers may hire more people to build on your product. If your product is a run away hit, you might even create a few jobs on Wall Street.

As a product designer, you need to focus on expanding the pie, not just grabbing a bigger piece of the pie. You are a creator. You have the power to give. That is the greatest of all powers.

So when you design a product, think about how you can put people on the job. Not just how you can automate processes and eliminate jobs. Designers who focus on automation alone, like CEOs who focus on cost cutting alone, don't last long.
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