Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It Is Not About Collaboration In An Island says Benioff

In today's Dreamforce 2011 keynote, Marc Benioff mentioned a realization about collaboration. He said that after two years of using chatter, customers told that they do not want islands of collaboration. has realized that they need to put collaboration at the core of business processes.

Another important thing is that collaboration needs to be part of ALL business processes, not just customer relationship management. In my opinion, it is hard for any one provider to become the only social collaboration provider. It is a bit like saying there should have been one internet application provider. No. That is not how it happened. There were multiple internet application providers. Similarly that is not how it will happen in the enterprise social collaboration space.

There will be Chatter that, I hope, puts collaboration at the core of customer relationship management. However there will be more enterprise applications that will put collaboration at the core. There will be Service applications, people management applications and many more. is not going to provide all of them.

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