Tuesday, August 09, 2011

We are getting a new building soon...

The OnDemand team in SAP Labs, Palo Alto is getting its own building soon. Yes. We are that important.   Our work environment is going to look like a bit like the pictures below where teams of ten will work inside a single room. @MChewD who leads the effort believes that it is important to change the physical space to influence the work outcome. Usable open work spaces will lead to usable open software. We are going to have open spaces, quiet work areas, private conversation areas, and work spaces that enable accidental collaboration. Our executives such as Kevin Nix are going to give up their offices and share the same open office spaces with us.

What do you think? How does your office help your scrum team work together?

Coworking Space in New York



Prodigy MSN interior layout

Images from various sites including the one below.

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