Thursday, August 04, 2011

Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski

I attended a session by Luke Wroblewski on Mobile First today in the offices of Ning in Palo Alto. Since we have been thinking mobile first for the design of Career OnDemand with good success, I went to this meetup to see what's new. There are a lot of new things. Here is his current presentation.  I highly recommend it. Please visit for his upcoming talks. He has a book in the making named Mobile First.

In Career OnDemand, we designed every use case Mobile First. We painstakingly created prototypes for every sea level use case for the employee view and manager view. It helped us focus on the most important things, clarified the purpose of a use case and made the use experience significantly better.

When we transferred the mobile first design to the web, the main button that showed up on the mobile screen was displayed in bright orange color in the web page to indicate the most probable action to the user. It was received very well by users. I'll keep you posted.

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