Thursday, August 04, 2011

Eliminate Costly Development At The Prototype Stage

@Enricgili and I showed some intial ideas as a prototype to @Jeremiahstone today. He gave a very good idea. He asked us to show all the screens of the prototype to the architects and ask them to put a $ sign on every component on the prototype. Not person days. Not dollar value. Just a rating systems where they put $, $$, $$$ or $$$$ on the components on the screen. Then he asked us to look at the most expensive components and check if they bring adequate value. We plan to do that.

This sounds so simple and makes so much sense. I wonder why we never did this at the prototype stage. Jeremiah also shared some interesting insight about the reaction of development colleagues. When developers say "I don't understand that feature. Why do we need that", what they are really saying is "That is a lot of work. Are you sure that brings significant value for customers at the cost of losing other things that may be more valuable".
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