Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recruitment Software, Outdated Government Regulations and Reality

I have been talking to several thoughts leaders, practitioners and customers about recruitment software. HR professionals tell me that applicant tracking systems are a necessary evil and sourcing of talent is the real problem.

The tens of recruiters I spoke to told me that the recruitment systems they use, irrespective of the provider, serve as reporting systems for recruiting managers and do not help recruiters get better talent.

Recruitment software systems are not good repositories of talent information either. LinkedIn does that job much better than any other managed talent database, because any managed talent database starts decaying the moment the information is entered. The agency recruiters I spoke to told me this.

Hiring managers told me that they hide their application systems from high-potential hires as long as possible and only make them go through the pain of applying via the system just to meet the compliance requirements of their company.

A VP of HR-IT  I spoke to recently said that he had to follow useless recruitment process and procedures which are out of touch with reality just because his company does business with the government. He said that he was wasting money for no good reason because all this additional expenditure does not bring any new innovation or better talent to his company. Spending money on recruitment software is akin to a very expensive insurance policy.

Job seekers see online applications as nightmare situations, that they have to deal with to get a job. Meanwhile software providers make a ton of money selling software that just protects company executives from law suits.

Successful recruiters and hiring managers flout all rules and laws and do what ever it takes to get the best talent for the company. Recruitment laws and software have lost touch with reality.

Something is very wrong with this situation. Very ripe for some crazy thinking.

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