Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dirty Girl Tomatoes Have More Flavor

My friend and colleague @LorenWoo is a fan of the flavorful tomatoes from Dirty Girl Produce. He explained to me that Dirty girl tomatoes are water starved to the point of stress. So their plants produce a lesser number of  tomatoes with much more flavor compared to the regular tomato plants that are well-fed with ample water.

I have a similar philosophy for product development. Contrary to popular practice, I ask for less capacity, not more - particularly during the early stages of a product. I believe that the smaller the team, the better the product. A small team has limited time and can produce less features compared to a large team. However, a small team will be forced to focus on the most important things because they are under some stress to produce a viable product in the given time with lesser resources than normal.

Also, in a small team, people will be forced to hold each other accountable. This makes the team a lot more efficient.

Image from If you live in the San Francisco bay area and want to learn more about these tomatoes, here is some more info. Loren Woo shared the link with me.

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