Sunday, January 30, 2011

My First Thoughts On Salesforce Chatter

I just signed up for Chatter, the collaboration tool from It looks simple and neat.

Sign Up Process
I like the simplicity of the signup process. Like Yammer, Chatter requires you to signup with your work email address. There is hardly any hurdle for anyone to create an account with Chatter.

Building The Network
Inviting colleagues to join is easy. Click on the "Invite Coworkers" button and type the email of the person you want to invite. The network is everyone in your company. That might not be true. Everyone in my company is not my network. My network is the people I work with and trust. I wonder how that will be addressed.

Groups Feature
I can create a group. I wonder how this might work on a day-to-day basis. Will I end up creating groups for each and everything I do or will I just create a few groups. Time will tell.

Main Features
The main areas of Chatter are Updates, Profile, People, Groups and Files.

Updates: All the updates from things and people you follow.
Profile: Just my name and email for now.
People: everyone one who shares the same company email.
Groups: I have to start a group
Files: All my files

I noticed that Chatter is giving documents the same level of importance as people. I wonder why. These are my first observations. I plan to expand this post as and when I explore more.

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