Friday, December 24, 2010

What If Only 3 Out Of Eleven Soccer Players Knew Where To Kick The Ball?

According to a research quoted in Stephen Covey's book The Eighth Habit, Only 1 in 5 employees said that they have a clear line of sight between their tasks and their team's or organization goals. Stephen says that this is a bit like only 3 players in a soccer team knowing where to kick the ball. Would you support, let alone play, for a team like that?

Any yet, we work for organizations that do not provide a clear line of sight between what we need to accomplish and how out actions help our teams and organizations accomplish their goals.

German National Soccer Team. Thankfully, they know where to kick the ball. I am a fan.

While no software can replace leadership and good management, software can enable some change in behavior. From my interviews with employees in several organizations, I learned that a simple page where goals and activities are listed can provide an employee with significant line-of-sight to organizational goals. Do you have such a page to go to in your organization?
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