Sunday, November 07, 2010

List of SAP Employee Personal Blogs

Chirag Mehta - Office of the CTO - On Cloud Computing
Timo Elliot - Business Objects - On BI Questions and Web 2.0
Enric Gili Fort - OnDemand Solution Management. Contributes to Blog Context Response
Jonathan Becher - CMO, EVP Marketing - Manage By Walking Around - Aligning Execution with Strategy
Ted Sapountzis - Social Media Marketing - Leadership and Social Media
Marilyn Pratt - Community Manager - Celebrating Innovation Community and Purpose
Craig Cmehil - Community and Technology Evangelist- A Different View Before The Weekend 
Gavin Heaton - Director of Social Media Where branding and storytelling meet.
Gavin Heaton - Director of Social Media Communications in the age of social media
Moya Watson - Personal Blog
Richard Barrett - Financials Marketing CFOKnowledge Resources and perspectives for the CFO
Natascha Thomson - Social Media Audience Marketing - Social media B2B marketing
Matthias Steiner -  Development Architect - Day In the Life of an SAP Architect
Michael Brenner - Online Marketing and Social Media - Latest trends in demand generation and social media 
Srinivas Reddy  Personal Blog
Brian Rice - An Inside Look At Consumer Marketing And Trends
Brian Ellefritz - Marketing  - Social Media Marketing
Norman Marks - Governanance Risk Management And Internal Audit
Xiang Xu  Cloud Computing and Web 2.0

If you know of other work related blogs of SAP Employees (I am sure there are many) please add a comment or email me and I'll add them here. If your blog is listed here and you would like to suggest an edit, please email me.


  1. Jonathan Becher:

  2. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Srinivas Reddy: Pesonal Blog

  3. Anonymous6:15 AM


    Here are a few more blogs:

    Brian Rice:
    Brian Ellefritz:
    Norman Marks:

    Also Richard Barrett now manages the CFO Knowledge blog Todd had started.

    Thanks for taking the lead in compiling this list.


  4. Thanks Srinivas and Ted. Added your inputs.


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