Thursday, June 24, 2010

6 Thinking Hats by Edward DeBono

I have worked with people multiple cultures and countries for many years now. One of the effective tools for distributed development is not software. It comes in paperback.

It is the 6 thinking hats process for thinking and communicating as a group.

Six Thinking Hats by Edward DeBono.

This process works well when you have to talk over the phone to an audience who cannot see your facial expression. It is also effective when people in the room are from different cultures and have different styles of communication.

You don't need very elaborate training for a team to use this. If one or two people know the process, you can start by saying "If I put my black hat, which is a negative hat, and give you my thoughts, this is what I will say". It is much better than saying, "That is wrong" or "I don't agree".

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