Monday, November 21, 2016

Book - Reinventing American Healthcare

The book, Reinventing American Health Care is a very good book for technology product managers who want to understand the history of the American Health Care industry, its current status and a glimpse into the near future. I moved from human capital management technology to health benefits management and predictive analytics technology at Castlight Health. Among the few books I read to understand American Health Care industry, this one is the best.

If you are working in the human capital management technology industry, health benefits management is one of the growth areas. In the coming years it is inevitable for large human capital management technology companies to expand into health benefits management and wellness management. In my opinion, health benefits and wellness management is where the next hundreds of millions in cloud software and services revenue is going to come from. This book is a good read for all the HCM product managers and HCM consultants who want to understand the fundamental problems of this new market. It is not an easy market. But good opportunities are never easy.

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