Wednesday, June 03, 2015

I Joined Castlight Health To Build The Enterprise Healthcare Cloud

A few days back I wrote about my decision to leave SAP and join a company that is playing an important role in changing Healthcare in America. The company is Castlight Health. I joined them because it was the right combination of purpose, people and possibilities. You can see their solutions here.

The Purpose
U.S. enterprises spend nearly $620 billion on healthcare. It is a top-three business cost that increases by 8 to 10 percent every year – and, it affects more than half of all Americans who rely on their employer for health coverage. Experts say that about 30 percent of that expense is wasted in unwanted or ineffective care. Castlight Health helps employers manage their healthcare cost by empowering them with data driven insight while improving the wellness of their employees. Castlight has already saved millions of dollars in healthcare spend for over a hundred employers in the US, while turning Americans healthier by making them better healthcare consumers.

The People
I get to lead a team of smart, dedicated and respectful people who bring varied skills such as clinical research, big data analytics, machine learning,  and behavioral psychology. In a short period, I got an opportunity to learn from and define new product management techniques for building big data driven products.

The Possibilities
Healthcare is poised for significant disruption in the next five years with technology disrupting it the same way it is disrupting energy, manufacturing and transportation. Within a few years your mobile phone will turn into a testing laboratory. You will be able to get near instant results about almost everything that a lab can do today for a fraction of the cost and in very little time.  Healthcare data will be able to predict and prevent unwanted expenses and avoidable health issues. I am not sure what the products are going to look like in five years. But I want to be a part of the team that is building them.

If you want to join me at Castlight Health, check out the many opportunities available.

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