Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Most Brilliant Feature In SAP Jam - The Invite Button

In my opinion, the most brilliant feature in SAP Jam is the 'Invite' button on left hand side of every jam group. Administrators can enable any member of a Jam group to invite any one to join SAP Jam. This feature empowers group members to invite anyone with an email address to join the Jam group from inside or outside the company depending on the nature of the Jam group. It is possible to track who invited who.

This is good for user growth and quality participation. Here are some interesting thoughts. There are 15 Million user in Jam. Let us say about 10 percent of them, about 1.5 Million users are using external Jam groups where they can invite anyone inside or outside the company to participate. Let us say that every one of them invites just 1 new person per year to join Jam. In three years this alone will add close to 5 million users to SAP Jam. That is smart product thinking. The operations team and the revenue team may or may not like viral user growth. But that is their problem.

It is surprising that talent management product managers don't make use of this invite button feature to improve adoption of their software. I guess they are not compensated based on viral user growth. Smart teams will figure this out soon and gain an advantage over others in the talent management space. Who wants to go first?

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