Monday, December 29, 2014

Rethinking Computers in 1991 at IIT Bombay

When I was in graduate school at IIT, Bombay (Now Mumbai) many years back I was tired of all the grey computers around and decided to infuse some color into them. So I designed two products. One for children and one for business professionals. I sent them to a student competition hosted by the Lucky Goldstar (LG) group of South Korea. Both the entries won me international student design awards. LG invited me to Seoul for the award ceremony where I was their guest for 3 days.

I was browsing through the design catalog they sent me recently and decided to share them. I called the first one Interact. You could think of it as an iPad connected to a projector using software similar to WebEx or Adobe Connect.

I modeled it for the executives at LG and the judges and explained to them how it might work using the photograph below. They were all using Intel 286 based computers at that time and loved the idea of a slim tablet light computer connected to a projector which is also a computer. I believe the idea was about 20 years ahead of its time.

I called the second one CD-Brain. I thought that a computer could help kids develop their knowledge without boring them to death. Here it is.

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