Tuesday, September 02, 2014

If Data Is The New Oil, These Are The Oil Wells

It is evident that data generated by everyone and everything in the world is the new resource that will drive the world economy and improve living standards for the next generation. Experts say that those who own data will be powerful in the future. A bit like Saudi Arabia for oil. There will be a lot of people who will organize that data and make that data available in a useful format. Think of them as the refineries.

Data.gov is the US government's source for government data. It is free, which means it is funded by tax payers. I find this source very interesting.

Another interesting data source is Quandl. I tested some of the Finance and Country data APIs from Quandl using Google App Inventor's API features. The data platform is well organized and well documented. I am amazed at the ease with which all this data can be accessed and consumed. A good programmer working with a good product manager can work wonders with this new oil.

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