Monday, August 04, 2014

SuccessFactors HCM Solutions Story For A CIO

From time to time I meet CIOs and their leadership teams to discuss their HR landscape and roadmap. In these sessions which last usually for 2 hours I share a overview of solutions from SAP and SuccessFactors and then talk about the cloud deployment options. We then discuss their landscape, unique challenges and white board a future state of their solution.

I posted the presentation I used recently when I met CIOs and their leadership team from a manufacturing company and a retail company, in Jam. I only focused on SuccessFactors solutions for these sessions.

I posted the presentation for SAP and SuccessFactors colleagues in my Jam profile. If you would like PowerPoint versions of the slides I used, you can look for them in the SuccessFactors Solutions Marketing Jam group. and the SAP SuccessFactors Integration Jam group. You have to be in the SAP network for accessing these jam groups.

Partners can access the presentation from the SAP Cloud Integration Jam group for partners.  Look for it in the folder named customer presentations. You need an invitation to join.

Please note that this is not a standard presentation that you can reuse. It is a sample showing how I normally tell the story. You may have to create your own. It is important that you create your own story for the best possible impact. Here are some tips for story telling.

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