Monday, July 14, 2014

How SAP Jam Analytics Helps Make Operational Decisions

Last week, David Ludlow, the head of SAP Cloud Solutions Marketing and I were discussing the assets that we need to invest time and energy on in the coming months. We were looking at multiple Jam groups. While at the SAP SuccessFactors integration jam group, I pointed out that we can look at the most viewed documents and make decisions based on the areas where people are showing interest.

We found out that SuccessFactors Employee Central to SAP ERP is a popular area. The People Cloud Integration Strategy document and the Talent Hybrid topic are the next most popular topic areas.

This is a great way to use empirical evidence from collaboration tools in day to day decision making. But the problem is that few people tend to look at such data even though it is only a click away. I think social collaboration tools could do a better job of surfacing insight from the valuable data that they generate and store. I am yet to see a social collaboration tool that surfaces and uses data in a unique and refreshing way. Most social collaboration product teams in the industry are still thinking of their tools as very advanced document management tools.

Social collaboration tools also have a treasure trove of data about people who share information. In other words social collaboration tools have insight into those who help others apart from doing their work. Social collaboration tools have information about who shared how much and how how popular the content was. Imagine such information being available in the performance management tool for the employee and the manager to see. Such features could change the culture of sharing in the organization.

Social collaboration is about improving productivity and reducing training costs. A recent research by one of the professors at my school found out that sharing information increased productivity of employees by about 10 percent, which usually is attained only with an additional year of education.

There is so much opportunity for innovation in this area.

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