Thursday, July 31, 2014

Book on SAP Enterprise Learning - Yours For Free

SAP Press has handed over the rights of the book on SAP Enterprise Learning to the authors. I am one of them. In the past few months, i received several emails asking me why the book is not available for purchase in Amazon and SAP Press any more. Amazon has some used versions which are priced at $151.

So I decided to make the PDF version of the book available for free to everyone.
You can download the PDF version from here

One word of advice for all the colleagues who are experts in SAP Enterprise Learning.  Please develop skills to implement SuccessFactors Learning. It is conceptually similar to SAP Enterprise Learning. I know both the products and can assure you that you can learn SuccessFactors Learning implementation in a few weeks if you join a company that has done the implementation and learn on the job, which is the best way to learn. You can implement SuccessFactors Learning, even if you do not have programming skills. It is all point and click. Some XML knowledge will help.

All future investment of SAP will be done in cloud for talent management, which includes SuccessFactors Learning. A year back the SuccessFactors Learning team doubled the development capacity and started taking SuccessFactors Learning to the next level of peer to peer learning, mobile learning and rapid content development among others. You will see new features in the August 2014 release and some big announcements at SuccessConnect Las Vegas 2014. Plan to make the move now.

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