Monday, June 16, 2014

Unified Cloud Portal For Cloud and On-Premise Applications

On Friday, Ankur Bhatt, who is the head of the integration engineering teams for SuccessFactors and I were discussing the things that we normally do not talk about when we talk about integration. He showed me some of the work his team has done and the things he thought could be done. In the past one year the SuccessFactors user experience teams and the HANA Cloud Portal teams have done some interesting things.

The SuccessFactors user experience teams have done some interesting work with the Tiles feature in the Home page. SAP Mentor Chris Paine showed how you can do interesting things with the tile feature. The things he did even surprised the user experience team that built the tile feature. Chris showed that theoretically you can build entire HTML applications inside a tile in the SuccessFactors home page.

The HANA Cloud Portal team meanwhile has done some interesting work to make that product a viable option for launching both cloud product, both from SAP and SuccessFactors and on-premise products.

The HANA Cloud Platform is already integrated with SuccessFactors. This means that an employee's information and the SuccessFactors user experience theme will be available for apps built on the HANA Cloud Platform. While you can build applications on the HANA Cloud Platform, customers and partners can also build shell applications in the HANA Cloud Platform that actually point to applications hosted else where.

The SAP Jam team has done some innovative work with SAP CRM. Since SAP Jam can show up as a tile in the SuccessFactors home page, we can bring all these apps together into an interesting unified cloud experience. Ankur pointed out that it can be done today.

Technology is not the hurdle. Organizational divisions and licensing details may have to be worked out. I plan to spend some time looking into this in the near future. I believe these is good value for customers, if all these things come together seamlessly. A bit of cat herding might be involved. Should be worth a try.

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