Thursday, June 19, 2014

Customer Concerns About The Cloud

I met a customer's HR and IT leadership team today to discuss their human capital management software needs. I started my conversation by mentioning that human capital management is moving to the cloud. Initially they were skeptical about the cloud. Their concern was not about data security. Their concern was mostly about their ability to customize the application to suit their needs.

I then explained the concept of Meta Data Framework to them and mentioned that they could customize cloud applications from SuccessFactors to a great extend. I also mentioned the HANA Cloud Platform, using which customers can build their own custom applications based on employee data stored in SuccessFactors Employee Central.

This significantly changed the nature of the conversation. At the end of the session, they were open to the idea of moving human capital management to the cloud. One of the leaders even suggested to his colleagues that it is time they revisited their view of cloud software.

It was an interesting day.

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