Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Journey To The SuccessFactors Cloud For Utilities

According to the Center for Energy Workforce Development, the Utilities industry in the Americas is facing a looming talent shortage, which is going to get bigger in the next decade. These talent shortages are coinciding with disruptive technology changes, cyber attacks and changing business models.

I am not a utilities industry expert. However, I spoke to a colleague who is experienced in the industry and thought about how the SuccessFactors cloud can help address some of these problems. I wrote this in a story format to share with Utilities Customers in an innovation event next week. While doing this I borrowed patterns from the Oil and Gas industry customers I worked with and brought some of those lessons to the table.

Customers in the Oil and Gas industry, who face talent management problems similar to the Utilities industry, started with SuccessFactors Workforce analytics to study their problems. Armed with that data they implemented certain talent management solutions in the cloud. Once they became effective in the talent management area, they moved their employee administration to the cloud.

Here is my hand written story. I am done with the presentation, which I plan to share with several customers at the Los Angeles Utilities Innovation day on May 14, 2014. My colleague Darrell Lew will be joining me to share his experiences and show the product. I look forward to seeing you there, if you are going.

Are you a Utilities expert? How do you think cloud HR can help address challenges faced by utilities today.

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