Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Plaça de Sant Jaume, Barcelona

I drew this based on a photograph that my wife took while at Barcelona a few years back. The picture was taken with a wide angle lens. That is why the columns in the buildings are not perpendicular. However, the buildings are beautiful and the pattern on the ground is very interesting too. I like drawing the people walking around and the minute details like their bags, their clothes and their shoes. Those details, while may not be noticed, improve the quality of the sketch.

I will finish this sketch in the coming days and post an updated version. I might even post multiple work-in-progress sketches to show how it progressed. Since I do not have very long blocks of time like before to sketch, I sketch in multiple time slots. 

The English name of this place is St James Square. This is the finished sketch with the details added and textures completed.
After I shared this a friend of mine asked me to add some color. I usually do not add color to my sketches. But this time I gave it a try. Used the air brush tool and then used the eraser to remove some of the color. I love the way the sky turned out. 

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