Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cameco Corporation's Journey To The Cloud

Yesterday at HR Insider 2014 I told the story of an SAP customer's journey to the cloud and talked about how the HCM deployment models and the pre-packaged integrations acted as a guide in their journey to the cloud. Colleagues from Cameco were in the audience and they recognized that I was telling their story. At dinner later they were kind enough to give me permission to mention their name as the company that inspired my story.

I believe that the team at Cameco is a pioneer when it comes to taking a deliberate, systematic, low risk, cost effective approach to moving human capital management to the cloud and a role model for all SAP HCM customers.

This is the first screen where I introduced the main characters in the story.

They first deployed the Talent Solutions module and a year later moved to the Full Cloud HCM model by also moving Employee Administration the cloud.

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