Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SAP Jam Acts Like A Catchment Area For Knowledge

Internally at SAP, many teams use SAP Jam to share their knowledge. Like trees in a forest holding water and releasing them for use over months, SAP Jam acts as a catchment area of knowledge and makes that knowledge available in a lasting manner for people thirsty for it.

Last week, I had to present to IT and business executives from an European banking customer on the topic of SuccessFactors Analytics, among other cloud HR topics. I am not the solution manager for the Analytics topic. So I had to prepare for it and put together my own story. I have a very difficult time using other people's presentations. I find it hard to present on a topic, unless I write my own story. So, I went to the SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics Jam group where I found every piece of content and learning I needed on the topic.

I found a video of Lars Dalgaard talking about the value for Analytics for CEOs. His knowledge was available to me even though Lars is not with SAP anymore. I found the videos shared by Mick Collins, the principal consultant,  explaining how to communicate the value of Workforce Analytics. I found a video of how to prepare to demo Workforce Analytics. I found all the sample presentations and the discussions around the content in those presentations.

Here is a screen shot from my presentation.

I probably saved about ten hours of preparation time and improved the quality of my presentations many fold. The problem with such rapid learning is that I might end up doing more SuccessFactors Analytics presentations to customers. When I have some time, I might post a video of how I spoke to this customer about Workforce Analytics.

Here is a screen shot of the Workforce Analytics Jam group. It is arguably the best run Jam group at least in the people cloud area.

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