Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Talent Hybrid And Side-By-Side Deployment Models are Stepping Stones To Full Cloud HCM

I spoke to some of my sales colleagues recently and they reiterated what we believed earlier this year. The SAP SuccessFactors - Full Cloud HCM deployment model is the destination for most customers. The Talent Hybrid deployment model and the Side By Side deployment model are acting as stepping stones for customers to get to the Full Cloud HCM model, where they can reap all the benefits of the cloud.

Some customers decide to move to the Full Cloud Model about a year after they adopt the Talent Hybrid model. Some may take over a year to make the move. However, we are seeing a clear trend of Talent Hybrid customers moving to the Full Cloud Model.

In the drawing above, cloud represents SuccessFactors software and the boxes represent SAP ERP HCM and SAP ERP software. The lines connecting them indicate pre-packaged integrations.

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