Thursday, December 26, 2013

Integration Categories To Connect SuccessFactors To Other Systems

There are four  integration categories available to connect SuccessFactors to other cloud and on-premise systems. I normally get questions about these. So I decided I hand draw a picture, to explain what is available across all SuccessFactors deployment options.

Prepackaged Integrations
The first category is the prepackaged integrations built and maintained by SAP and SuccessFactors. We release these like products with versions and documentation. All the SuccessFactors Talent Solutions to SAP ERP HCM integrations fall under this category. Some of the SuccessFactors Employee Central to ERP and third party applications fall under this category as well.

Generic Connectors
The second category is the generic connectors that we provide to connect Employee Central with third party time, benefits and payroll providers. Customers will use these connectors only when the time, benefits and payroll providers they use are not covered by the prepackaged integrations.

Reusable Custom Integration Templates
The third category is a library of reusable templates that the SuccessFactors professional services team maintains. They have built this library based on the wisdom they gathered during the hundreds of implementations they have done. This library is available for customers who hire SuccessFactors professional services teams to build the integration.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
The fourth category is a library of integration APIs available for customers. Customers can build their own integrations or hire SuccessFactors professional services teams to build a custom integration for them.

After I wrote this post, my friends from Dolphin Multimedia took my sketch and worked on the information design and sent it to me in January 2014. Here it is. I am still working on adding this to the overview presentation. Will have a version out before FKOM 2014.

Original sketch

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