Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Google Translate Can Help Simplify The Language Of Your Communications

Majority of my sales colleagues and customers are not native English speakers and it is necessary to speak and write in easy to understand language while talking about product features and advantages.

When I put together training content for my products, I use Google Translate sometimes to help me simplify the language I use and remove phrases that might not translate very well. I first translate the English message into another language and then translate the message from the other language back to English. If I see misinterpretations, I remove words that cause confusion and use simpler words without losing the essence of the message.

Google Translate is not perfect and does not understand nuances in languages very well. That constraint forces me to use simple words.

Here is a sample integration message in English and the Spanish, as translated by Google.

Now the Spanish version. Please note that this is not something that I share with my colleagues. The Spanish version is for my test purposes. Native Spanish speakers can tell me if this technique is working.

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