Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Hand Written Story

When I have to design a product message or training content, my favorite tools are pencil, paper and a cappuccino. I like to go to a place (normally a coffee shop) that is not my usual work place with my note book and pencil and write the story down on paper as if I am talking to someone about the topic. If I have associated pictures in mind, I draw a skeleton version of the pictures  near the script. I use a pencil because, it enables me to erase, rethink and correct what I write down.

I also sometimes make a video of the story by pointing a video camera at these notes and speaking out loud. If I cannot speak out the story, i change the script a bit and try again. Writing with a pencil makes erasing and changing the script easier.

Here is my handwritten story of the SAP SuccessFactors integration strategy and road map. The final version did not change that much from this paper version.

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