Saturday, October 19, 2013

Growth Vs Fixed Mindset

I participated in an event organized by the India Literacy Project team, which has a goal of 100% literacy in India. My solution management colleagues Viji Doraiswamy and Sumita Jayaraman volunteer in that organization and are doing some very meaningful work making a difference in educating children.

One of the guest speakers was Prasad Setty, Vice President of People Analytics at Google. He talked about the need to promote a growth mindset among children. He pointed out that at Google, as the head of people analytics, he focuses more on measuring effort and learning than measuring performance.

Here is a good video on growth mindset Vs  fixed mindset.

There is a full 23 minute lecture on this topic by Prof. Carol Dweck of Stanford University here.

On my drive back home, I came away wondering what people management software can do to enable organizations that want to foster a growth mindset in employees. Perhaps learning and collaboration tools can play a role in enabling such a mindset. Perhaps performance management tools and peer feedback tools can nudge employees to try new things and work on areas other than their comfort zones.

My mother accompanied me to this event and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the work ILP does. She is a retired college professor who, among other things, runs a home that takes care of food and education for forty children between the age of 5 and 17. She said that she came away with some ideas too. She is 70 and still learning.

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