Friday, September 06, 2013

Telling Your Product Story From A Person's Point Of View

I have been using a story telling approach to enable colleagues such as solution consultants, partners and regional sales managers at SuccessFactors. This story telling approach worked very well. So I now plan to expand that to customers as well. As a first step, I plan to use this approach in the upcoming SuccessFactors Seminar series.

One of the sessions I am delivering is about SAP SuccessFactors integration strategy and roadmap. I have made this presentation to tens of IT and business executives. This discussion is usually with a CIO or the head of HR IT and team. I wanted to capture the state of mind, their concerns and their anxieties in a character. I also wanted to articulate who they are working with in their organization and the person who normally supports them from SuccessFactors. The picture below is a rough cut from my initial sketches of this person.

I have worked with many such executives and the pressure on such executives is immense. They may have just made a large investment in their on-premise SAP ERP HCM. At the same time the chief people officer might be demanding that they provide all employees with the latest features, delightful user experiences and mobile apps. The chief executive of the company may at the same time be asking them to invest in technologies that generate revenue, not just cut cost.

How can this person face all these challenges and at the same time do not get left behind in the move to the cloud? This is where the SAP SuccessFactors solutions architect can step in an help Janet. The solution architect can explain the fact that she can make small investments in the cloud on applications that solve current problems without wiping out the investment she just made in on-premise software.

The second part of the session will cover information about how the solutions architect can help Janet move all her people management applications to the cloud and connect them with on-premise SAP applications such as SAP Finance, SAP Core Banking and SAP Plant Maintenance.

The final session will convey the key points about how this can happen. It will be delivered in two locations in the US and one location in Europe.

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