Sunday, September 01, 2013

Janet Lee Moves People Management Software To The Cloud

I am designing  the story line for the upcoming SuccessFactors seminar series scheduled for November and December. I am delivering sessions on integration, the SuccessFactors road map and a third session which is designed as an overview of SuccessFactors solutions.

In the third session, I want to do something interesting and useful for those who want to understand how to go about implementing the various solutions from SuccessFactors, while keeping their current on-premise or 3rd party applications running in the interim. I plan to tell the story from the point of view of Janet Lee, an IT executive who starts her cloud journey by moving one talent management application to the cloud, deriving value out of it and them moving all her people management applications to the cloud step by step, culminating in the movement of employee administration and payroll to the cloud.

I plan to split this story into multiple scenes. These scenes will be based on my experience working with customers and the experience of my colleagues. Every scene will correspond to an implementation phase of her 3 year project. In each stage I want to articulate the following.

1. The value of the software module she implemented to her organization.
2. The architecture of her solution at the end of that implementation phase.
3. The technologies options available to connect the module to other applications
4. The approximate duration, average expense and potential savings that phase brought.

I am not sure about the effort involved and the scope of this story. But I think it is worth trying. I may spend about 40 hours on preparing for this particular session. I wonder what you think. Any advice on what I should do? What would you like to get from these sessions if you were there?

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