Friday, August 16, 2013

The Master Data Integration iFlow Replaces 10 Custom Integrations

A few days back I had a conversation with Mr. Bill Kutik about the SAP SuccessFactors integration strategy and road map. I mentioned to him that the single master data integration iFlow supports the following SuccessFactors applications.
  • Goals, 
  • Performance, 
  • Workforce Planning, 
  • Succession, 
  • Analytics, 
  • Compensation, 
  • Learning
  • Recruiting, 
  • Onboarding 
  • SAP Jam
He observed that this one iFlow, which is a standard integration, replaces the need for 10 custom integrations for a customer who chooses to go with the SuccessFactors suite of applications. He asked me to make the arrow big and thick enough to convey the point. I did so.

If we were to put a conservative cost of about $50,000 per integration for building and maintenance over the period of the software, that translates to about $500,000 in savings.

If all the 12,000 SAP ERP HCM customers use this integration to connect to SuccessFactors, the integration has the potential to eliminate $ 6 Billion in integration costs. Not bad for a single integration. My colleagues who built the integration should be very proud of their work. I highlighted the integration in the road map diagram above.

After I shared this on twitter Naomi Bloom said that this is well done. I had to post it here.


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