Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Technology Advances Will Radically Change Truck Drivers' Jobs

A few days back I wrote a post saying that there are over 200,000 professionals who identify themselves as SAP HR professionals. Several colleagues responded saying that there is a big disruption coming for all these colleagues and they need to learn how to apply their skills in the new world of cloud HR powered by SuccessFactors.

If you think this is a hard transition, I want to point you to another area where the transition is going to be harder. There are over 5.7 million truck drivers in the US. In the next two decades their job are going to be systematically eliminated or radically changed by self-driving truck technology. This is not science fiction. Mining companies in Australia have already deployed self driving trucks and it is a matter of time before this technology is deployed to all commercial trucks. Technology to remotely drive these trucks is also not unthinkable. Compared to the disruption that awaits commercial truck drives, the disruption faced by enterprise software professionals looks like a cake walk.

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