Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SuccessFactors For SAP Core Banking Customers

There are tens of thousands of SAP ERP Customers who do not use SAP for people management. I am working with a few such customers to help them architect a cloud based people management solution while keeping the SAP ERP applications that run their business operations intact. For example, a banking customer will use SAP Core Banking along with ERP to run the bank. Their people management architecture using SuccessFactors might look something like the diagram below.

SuccessFactors Cloud HCM for SAP Core Banking Customers

Since there are over 35,000 SAP ERP customers, this is also a huge opportunity for partners who sell or implement SuccessFactors.

The architecture for certain customers have some more components. I left out some details to keep the diagram easy to understand. If you are an SAP SuccessFactors employee or partner and would like to know more about building a solution for an SAP ERP customer who does not use SAP for HCM, send me an email. I will share some more details. Please leave a comment, if you are working with similar customers. I would love to hear from you.

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