Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SAP SuccessFactors Integration Training For US and APJ Partners

We are opening up the integration training for SAP and SuccessFactors partners. Please send a list of the participants to be registered for these training sessions to my colleague Suzanne, the Director of Partner Management and Enablement. Look at the image below for her email.

The courses are designed for partners who scope solutions, educate customers and implement solutions. These are not meant for professional services teams. But these courses will be a good primer for any team implementing an integration. If your title says Sales, Pre-sales, Solution Consultant, Solution Engineer, Professional Services Manager, you are probably a good candidate for these courses.

If you do not have an SAP background, make sure you attend course 1. It is designed by SAP experts to give you the foundation you need to earn credibility with an SAP audience.

All timings are 4.00 pm Pacific Standard Time. These programs are open only for existing SAP SuccessFactors partners. This is not a Webinar. This is Integration training curriculum 1.

Please email partnertraining@successfactors.com to register.

The same training is available for SAP and SuccessFactors colleagues as well, no matter what your background. Email me if you want to register.


  1. Good job of sharing the news. Great training, and very useful information!

  2. I've asked our local SuccessFactors partner manager, Fiona, if I can get on to this. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but would love to attend. Thanks for putting the info out there.

  3. Chris, Please email partnertraining@successfactors.com directly or send me you work email address. I will get you registered for the April courses. These are very valuable ones.


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