Sunday, March 03, 2013

Is Your Technology People Savvy?

During my session titled 'Social and Mobile Innovations in SAP and SuccessFactors' at HR Insider 2013, I shared information about how SAP and SuccessFactors colleagues are using mobile applications and SAP Jam to improve efficiency, save money and improve employee engagement.

One of the customers in the audience mentioned that his colleagues are not technology savvy and may not use mobile applications and social collaboration applications. That comment disturbed me a bit. I think it is high time we stopped expecting our people to be technology savvy and start expecting our technology to be people savvy.

I believe enterprise software product designers need to think mobile first and make their products accessible at least to all the smartphone and tablet users of the world. SAP Jam team is already doing that. You do not have to be a regular computer user to derive value from Jam. With the upcoming release of the iPad version, Jam is going to be even more people savvy.

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