Monday, February 11, 2013

Your Classroom Training Programs Can Have Movie Style Trailers

I visited a customer from the mining industry last week and the training manager there told me that he would love to have trailers of classroom training programs available for students so that students can understand the nature of the content and the personality of the instructors before the class starts and even make decisions about locations and instructors.

I mentioned to him that he can do that with SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Jam. When a classroom course is assigned to an employee by his or her manager, the employee gets immediate access to the Jam group associated with that training program. In that Jam group, the employee can watch trailer videos about the classroom course and access training material to prepare for the course. While the employee is in the Jam group he or she can ask for feedback about suitable course locations and get other questions related to course logistics answered.

Before the start of a course, Instructors can share course reading material via the Jam group so that students can access the content. Instructors can track who is accessing the content and seek feedback about the content or ask questions about the direction he or she needs to take in the classroom.

By associating social collaboration with traditional classroom courses, organizations can significantly reduce training administration costs while significantly enhancing the learning experience of an employee. Social collaboration can significantly enhance the quality of classroom training programs. Even if you are big on classroom instruction, SAP Jam can help enhance the quality of that instruction while reducing administration costs.

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