Sunday, February 24, 2013

Private Folders Feature In SAP Jam Reduces Clutter and Increases Adoption

The February release of SAP Jam has a private folders feature. While it serves the purpose that the name implies, it also serves something that we usually do not think about.

Reduced Clutter
Because group members can take their conversations and collaboration into a private work space inside a Jam group, the feeds page of the group is not cluttered with conversations that are relevant only for a subset of people in a group.

It also reduces clutter in the Jam Groups page. Since members do not have to create separate groups for every confidential conversation, the number of groups they have to keep track of comes down drastically.

Increased Adoption
It is now possible to have private conversations, like the ones normally reserved for email, and share confidential documents, with a select group of people. This feature addresses the concerns of those who are not comfortable sharing thoughts with and content with a very wide audience.

Employees who want to ask questions privately to an instructor, a mentee who wants to share some content with a mentor privately and a team member who wants to collaborate on a confidential document with colleagues, have a place to do.

This is sure to increase Jam adoption by those who normally rely on email for such conversations.

A Place For Work-In-Progress Content and Seeking Feedback
While some people are comfortable doing their work in public and getting unsolicited feedback, some people are uncomfortable with unsolicited feedback. Such people can now start their work in a private work space inside a Jam group and move the content to a public area once they are comfortable sharing their work with a broader audience. This feature takes Jam one step closer to becoming an everyday content collaboration tool.

The name private folder does not do justice to the functionality. It is much more than a private folder. It is a private work space where conversations and sharing can take place just like in other places in a Jam group.

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  1. Anonymous2:52 PM


    As someone who is working a SAP Business By design - ECC HCM project for a large government organisation in Australia, I would love to hear about what is the initiative in SAP to develop that piece of integration . All i can hear is more & more Successfactors integration news.


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