Sunday, February 03, 2013

From Productivity Improvement To Performance Improvement

The SAP SuccessFactors Hybrid HCM model was an overwhelming success in 2012. SAP customers embraced SuccessFactors with open hands and my colleagues and I had a busy year. This year we wanted to scale the expertise from a handful of product managers to over 200 field colleagues.

A couple of weeks back my colleagues and I started the process and trained 88 solution consultants on the SAP and SuccessFactors Hybrid HCM integration strategy and road map so that we can scale our work this year to support up to 1000 pursuits.

I wanted to share some info about how we used SAP Jam to support this training and enable not only the productivity of these colleagues, but also the performance of these colleagues. This is what we did. After the training, we shared all the content and associated resources with the 88 colleagues via SAP HCM Exchange,  a private Jam group for product management and field colleagues. Our community manager, Stephanie Morgan, then looked at the consumption of content using the standard reporting functionality in Jam and gave us information about the rate of consumption of the content.

Since we can track the consumption of every asset and every colleague, we were able to tailor email campaigns to highlight the value of the content in context for the specific set of colleagues.

Such campaigns were very effective because they were timely and they took our colleagues to relevant content with one click. While they are viewing the content, our colleagues could also see the list of related documents based on actual behavior by people like them. Such campaigns and tools significantly increased the consumption of training content and the subsequent performance of these colleagues in customer pursuits.

Features such as views and likes give us insight into consumption and quality of content
Based on the consumption of the content, we were able to tell with remarkable accuracy how many colleagues are ready to help customers and how many need more help. We can highlight the importance of the content to  those colleagues who have not looked at the content. More importantly, managers can make resourcing decisions on every sales pursuit based on empirical evidence.

Such real time insight from SAP Jam is enabling us to proactively support our colleagues and take critical business decisions based on evidence.While many social collaboration tools talks about increasing the productivity of employees, we are using SAP Jam to improve the performance of our colleagues.

If you are looking for a tool that can make a difference in the performance of your employees, consider SAP Jam.

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