Friday, February 15, 2013

Enterprise Illustrator

At work, I am trying to mix illustration with story-telling, product marketing communication, training material and social media. Illustrations cut through the clutter and help my audience focus on what I want them to see. Illustrations also help me communicate with an audience that is multilingual and has a limited attention span. I also use illustrations to turn mundane subjects into visually interesting material.

As  products become increasingly digital and interconnected, it is becoming harder and harder to explain them with words. Drawing you idea or concept is probably easier than writing an email about your idea.

Today, there are several tools, such as tablets and phone cameras that make it practical for enterprise software professionals to draw and capture their ideas rather than write. I believe that business professionals overestimate their ability to write and underestimate their ability to draw. Consider drawing. It makes your job, any job, more interesting.

I sometimes do illustrations unrelated to work to take my mind of designing and marketing enterprise software. You can see some of my drawings here

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